About ANEP economics e.V.

Academy for New European Political Economics e.V.

“Political economy” as a field of research was replaced by “economics” in the 19th century. The “economists” back in the days wanted to be the physicists of society. Probably because the newtonian physicists were close to untouchable in their scientific insights by their success in shaping the world at this time. Their ability to tackle complicated systems by newtonian physics was too compelling. Newtonian physics was state of the art in the 19th century. It isn’t today. Neither is “economics”.

It is time for economics to become political. Again. This means to take the history of western societies into account, including their emergence, and the systematic comparison of these “european” societies with non-western, pre-state and “prehistoric” societies. One of the biggest contemporary challenges is “development”, i.e. the overcoming of poverty world-wide. Without adding this new perspective to “development”, we believe the success of “development strategies” will most likely stay at current success-levels. The 21st century version of “political economy” is political economics.

The moment we realize that what is termed “capitalism” or “market economy” has its roots in european, namely ancient greek and roman, thinking “new political economics” becomes european. All the more as this unseen link has a deeply rooted connection to what is called the “eurocrisis”. We deem it reasonable to include the “european” into the very name of our field of research.

New European Political Economics aims to be able to address the eurocrisis at a fundamental level, the Academy for New European Political Economics e.V. (ANEP economics) is the home for this new form of political economic thought.